Blossom on Carmine Aug 2015-8787.jpg

A Note from Blossom Restaurant Co-Founder Pamela Elizabeth:

First off, I want to say thank you all for being such loyal patrons of the Blossom Restaurant brand for all these years; without you, nothing would be possible. Knowing that we have been a small part of helping the world and animals really gets me through the day and I hope it does for you too! It is with that gratitude and excitement that I would like to introduce you to a new venture, Urban Vegan Kitchen! 

The team and I have created a sacred space that has a down to earth and funky vibe upstairs and an intimate private event space downstairs.  We are excited to share a fresh and exciting menu from Timothy Pakron (a.k.a. @mississippivegan) which boasts a sophisticated vegan street food concept, and unique desserts from pastry chef Quinn Ventura.  So if you're ready to try something new, please come pay us a visit for lunch, brunch, dinner or drinks!  If you would like to see our menu please follow this link...   Hope to see you soon!