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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Is Blossom fully vegan?

Absolutely. There are no animal products of any kind on our menu. Everything, from our wines to our desserts, is 100% vegan. Any reference to “cheese”, “cream”, “butter”, etc. on our menus are all vegan versions of these foods.

What are your hours?

Please refer to the hours listed on the location pages at BLOSSOM ON NINTH and BLOSSOM ON COLUMBUS.

Where do I make a reservation?

Please visit our ONLINE RESERVATION page. For larger parties that can’t be booked online, please call or email the location at which you’d like to book.

Does Blossom offer catering services?

We do! Please visit our CATERING page for more information, and to make a catering request.

Does either Blossom location have a private dining/event space?

Both the upstairs dining area of our Chelsea location and the large main dining area of our Upper West Side location can be rented for private events. Rentals are only available during certain times and under certain conditions. Please contact the location in question for more information.

How do I get a gift card?

For gift cards, please call or email the location to which you’d like the gift card. Please note: gift cards can only be used at the location at which they were purchased, and they do not expire.

How do I apply for employment with Blossom?

Please email a résumé to the Blossom location at which you’d like to apply.

Is Blossom Kosher?

We are fully Kosher Certified by the International Kosher Council under the supervision of Rabbi Zev Schwarcz. Our Kosher Certificate is on display at both of our locations.

Is Blossom able to accommodate my allergies?

We take food allergies very seriously at Blossom, and as such, we clearly mark our dishes that are free of common allergens. All Nut-Free dishes are marked with an (nf), our Gluten-Free dishes are marked with a (gf), and our Soy-Free dishes are marked with an (sf). Although we employ best practices against cross-contamination, we do not have separate kitchens or separate preparation areas, and do use many ingredients containing nuts, gluten, and soy. Therefore we cannot completely guarantee against cross-contamination. As always, please inform your server at the beginning of your dining experience of any allergies. They'll be more than happy to help.

Does Blossom have a corkage fee? Can I bring outside food (birthday cake, etc.)?

Due to our Kosher certification and the fact that we are a strictly vegan restaurant, we cannot allow outside food or drink of any kind.

Is Blossom open for Thanksgiving? Where is the menu? Can I make a reservation?

We are open for Thanksgiving, serving our 4-course holiday prix fixe. Visit our THANKSGIVING MENU page for selections and pricing at each location. Please use our ONLINE RESERVATION page to book a table.

Is Blossom open on Christmas Day / New Year’s Eve / etc.?

Blossom on Ninth will be open for Thanksgiving (11/22) from 3pm-7:30pm, closed for lunch but open for dinner on 11/23, closed for Christmas Eve (12/24) and Christmas Day (12/25), and open for regular hours on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day.

Blossom on Columbus will be open for Thanksgiving (11/22) from 1pm-7:30pm, open for regular hours on 11/23, open for lunch only on Christmas Eve (12/24), closed on Christmas Day (12/25), and open for regular hours on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day.

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