Blossom is first and foremost animal caring.

Blossom Restaurants

Blossom is a vegan restaurant group in New York City that was established to creatively bring vegan dining to a fresh, new and delicious level. Starting in 2005 with our historic flagship location in Chelsea, to today in two Manhattan neighborhoods, we bring animal-caring, health conscious cuisine to food lovers everywhere. Each location offers its own menu and dining experience:

Blossom on Ninth: the original - an intimate, special dining experience in a historic Chelsea townhouse (Chelsea)
Blossom on Columbus: our newest location - classic Blossom fare in an open and airy space, featuring a full bar with local wine and beer (Upper West Side)

Our fresh organic ingredients come from local farms and small distribution companies and all of our dishes are completely animal free. At Blossom we are first and foremost animal caring and also know an organic, vegan diet encourages a healthy lifestyle.

I started Blossom with Pamela Elizabeth in 2005, when vegan food was not as popular as it is today. We are both vegans for animal reasons and as an entrepreneur and food lover, I wanted to create a business that allowed me to be both. My vision for Blossom was to create a place with outstanding food, not just for vegans, but for everyone to enjoy.

At Blossom we aim to be creative, consistent and memorable. We invite you to come and experience it soon and thank you for supporting Blossom.
— Ronen Seri, co-founder
As hungry vegans with a passion for animal welfare and distinctive palates, Ronen and I were looking for a great place to eat near where we lived. Such a place didn’t exist in our neighborhood, so we cast caution to the wind and opened Blossom, never thinking to ourselves where this dream could possibly take us.

A number of years ago I received a mailing from Fund For Animals asking for a donation. After reading about the horrors of factory farming for the first time, I became a vegetarian on the spot, and vegan a few years after. For me, veganism doesn’t begin and end with diet, it’s a lifestyle that encompasses compassion on every level. It’s truly an honor to offer delicious, healthy, cruelty free cuisine to the masses, coupled with encouraging a vegan lifestyle. My hope is that you will truly enjoy your experience at Blossom, and thank you for dining with us!
— Pamela Elizabeth, co-founder